The residential solar market is more competitive today than ever – especially with the ability to control utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

With more popularity comes a more aggressive solar marketplace, including installers and contractors pushing and selling with underhanded tactics to win your business.

And it’s becoming increasingly popular to present you with photovoltaic (PV) options that aren’t necessarily in your best interest.

In fact, some options can actually set you back in unexpected ways.

Protecting yourself from these tactics requires becoming more educated. Unfortunately, many homeowners rely on the solar installers themselves for this education.

Our ebook explores the 2 most common strategies solar contractors use to mislead their customers. We’ll also explore how to make sure you get the most value from your PV installation (at the lowest possible price).

Tactic #1: Inconsistent “Solar Serving Sizes”

Have you been at your local grocery store and noticed:

  • Brand A is priced in grams while Brand B is priced in ounces?


  • Brand X has 3 servings per package but Brand Y uses 5 servings?

Food producers do this on purpose, using deceptive packaging to hide the truth, making comparison shopping impossible.

Fortunately, many stores now include “price-per-volume” labels to help you more accurately compare apples to apples allowing you to make better-informed decisions about where your money is going (and what you’re getting in return).

This can happen more often times than not while shopping for solar panels. Download our full solar buying guide, and we will provide details so you won’t be fooled by all the confusing metrics and units thrown at you while shopping around.

Tactic #2: Undersized Solar Panel Systems

This next strategy is incredibly simple and straightforward, but extremely effective. It involves deliberately selling PV systems that are too small to cover the user’s long-term electricity needs.

The smaller the installation, the lower the cost, and the contractor’s price seems deceptively more attractive as a result. But as the homeowner, you often end up paying way more than anticipated.

Download our full solar buying guide and we can help you avoid this upfront buying mistake and help you save money in the long run.

Our Approach to Correct Solar Panel System Sizing

At Bright Planet Consulting, we sometimes hear that our rates are too high. But in fact, our installation prices are some of the most competitive in the Bay Area – especially taking into account the given selling tactics outlined above.

We back our workmanship with an iron-clad 95% production guarantee. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re getting exactly what you pay for without any surprises. With this certainty, you can steer clear of skyrocketing bills – even as utility rates increase or life situations evolve over time.

We will only suggest going solar if it is worth it for you in the long run.

To learn more about our unique approach to PV installations that deliver the highest possible savings at the lowest possible cost, request a free solar quote from us today.

To compare solar financing options and see how much you can save, use our solar calculator below.

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