It’s hard to believe that 2019 is on its way out and a new decade is about to be ushered in. And with what has been dubbed by many as a year of energy crisis exacerbation, it’s hard to imagine exactly what’s to come. Luckily, there are people like energy consultants to help you navigate the murky waters of home energy consumption amidst corporate greed, a changing political climate, and government tax incentives.

So, in order to understand why the expertise of an energy consultant is valuable going into 2020, let’s recap some of the major events affecting Californians’ energy this past year.

A Look at Recent Energy Events in California

· PG&E, the largest operating power company in California, was found responsible for $30 billion in liabilities due to its faulty equipment that sparked Camp Fire, California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history.

· To offset these costs PG&E wants to raise rates of its customers over the next three years, which could add an extra $30 to the average customers bill by 2022 – even though PG&E’s rates are among the highest in all of California already.

· This past summer and fall, mandatory blackouts were instituted by PG&E in order to prevent sparking further wildfires due to extreme wind and weather and affecting up to 450,000 Californians at a time.

· Scientists, energy experts, and PG&E all predict that power shutoffs will continue for a decade to come due to weather conditions and to allow for grid system upgrades to be implemented.

· The state of California has also kept the mandate instituted that all new homes in California built in 2020 and beyond must be solar powered. · Lastly, the 2019 30% tax incentive for solar power reduces to 26% in 2020 and continues to decrease year after year to 10% in 2022.

How an Energy Consultant Can Help

With all the regulations, extreme weather events, power shutoffs, and rising power bills, how can you safeguard your access to affordable and a reliable energy source? With the help of an energy consultant!

And as so many Californians have turned to solar power already to save upwards of $1,000 dollars a year and to safeguard their access to power during the recent blackouts, you’ll want to know what a solar energy consultant can offer for you through our solar consulting services:

Solar Energy Consultant Offerings with Bright Planet

· An analysis of your home’s solar potential and current energy usage for your customized solar plan. Includes options for out-of-the-box projects like ground mounts, gazebos, carports, panel removals and repairs, and even horse barns!

· An upfront process with no hidden agenda or surprises. You’ll be educated on the most appropriate solar panel technology for your home.

· A calculation of your average, projected monthly and annual utility bill savings.

· A presentation of a detailed, no-obligation proposal of your home solar project for your approval.

· Expert assistance to help you qualify for all relevant financing options, incentives, and permits.

· Installation of your entire system including the solar panels, inverter, and electrical box upgrades and any add-ons such as solar batteries.

Enter the New Decade with Energy Peace of Mind

Consulting services are something we seek in all facets of life. They come in the form of lawyers, stockbrokers, health professionals, accountants, and energy consultants too.

So start 2020 off right by seeking a solar energy consultant to provide you with an expert solution for safeguarding your access to energy with the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your home. Get started today by booking your free in-home inspection and solar proposal review with Bright Planet Consulting!

To compare solar financing options and see how much you can save, use our solar calculator below.

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