If you’re living in California, then you’ve probably heard of or have been affected by the PG&E power outages. PG&E’s power lines were responsible for California’s deadliest wildfire in 2018. And they’re also responsible for at least half of all the other wildfires that have occurred in California.

What is PG&E Doing to Help End Wildfires?

To help put an end to these disastrous wildfires, PG&E starting issuing power outages. Just this last October, 2.5 million people experienced a blackout for not just one day but several days. And that was just the beginning. PG&E stated that these power outages will most likely be occurring over the next 10 years.

Although these California blackouts aid in protecting wildlife and human beings, it also means a decade of darkness for Californians. A decade of spoiled food, busy roads without working traffic lights, and closed businesses. This is the reality that Californians are left to deal with.  

Investing in a Greener Future is the Way to Go

Reality can be tough to deal with, especially when lives are at stake. But the good people of California can choose to invest into a greener future. A future that doesn’t cause wildfires and power outages. A future with solar energy!  

The ability to have clean energy during a blackout is a HUGE advantage of going solar. In the long run, solar power will save you money. And federal tax credits can offset a big chunk of your investment.  

A Battery Back-Up System is Key

When choosing to go solar, make sure you have a battery back-up system. You reduce your risk of being left in the dark during power outages if you store the solar power your system generates on-site. When doing this, you will have power come the time that PG&E decides to shut your power off yet again. Your food in your fridge will be just fine, as for your neighbors without solar panels…not so fine.  

You can check this website out, here, and see how many power outages in California are happening right now. It may shock you how many people are affected by these blackouts.  

Choosing the right company to help you through this process is very important as well. At Bright Planet Consulting we are with you every step of the way and only use the highest quality solar panels. And our amazing customers only have positive things to say about our service.    

Don’t live the next 10 years in the dark, choose solar energy.

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