San Francisco: home to famous innovators and their homes

If you’re a Bay Area resident in California or a frequent visitor to the area, you may know that this thriving region is home itself to many famous people and famous homes. Some of the most recognized are Janis Joplin’s former home in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the iconic row of Victorian houses known as the “Painted Ladies” seen in popular movies and tv shows, and actor, Nicolas Cage’s, former PacHeights mansion. Additionally, you probably know that the region is home to Silicon Valley, where some of the most elite tech executives and entrepreneurs live. These include Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, Google Chairman, Eric Shmidt, and Mark Zuckerberg’s multiple homes including former ones known under names such as the Facebook home and Casa Facebook.

And recently, Bright Planet Consulting got to take in a little part of the Bay Area’s history concerning the latter tech giant and his former Facebook home! Judy Fusco is a California homeowner and former landlord to the three budding entrepreneurs who launched Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Sean Parker. With the help of Bright Planet Consulting, Judy transformed her property and installed solar power on her Facebook home that housed the founders of the famous social media network back in 2004.

Facebook home carries on the spirit of innovation

Where other landlords might have been wary to accommodate a budding technological experiment and party home, Judy Fusco believed in the innovative spirit of the young entrepreneurs. During the short seven months in which the Facebook founders rented Judy Fusco’s home, they housed six servers and scaled the now social media mogul from 200,000 members to 2.5 million members. Fourteen years later, the Asian-American homeowner has carried their revolutionary qualities on by installing solar power on her famous Facebook home property.

When we asked Judy why making the switch to solar power was important to her as a property owner, Judy responded:

“Solar energy is important to me because I know I will save money in the long run plus save the environment and leave the next generation with a beautiful planet. With my background in science, I love the innovative idea [of solar power] for the same reasons I chose the Facebook founders as my first tenants for my home over others – because I love the spirit and adventure of new ideas. Solar energy is the newest revolution.”


Why Bright Planet Consulting for the solar movement

After researching many Bay Area solar providers, Ms. Fusco went with Bright Planet Consulting because of its owner, founder, and main representative, Paul Chojnacky. She stated that Paul was professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all of her questions about solar with a smile! She’s very happy with the outcome Bright Planet Consulting has given her and is excited to be a contributor to the clean energy movement, in which California has become a driving force.  

So, what’s next for Judy Fusco’s home? Only time will tell. If her former tenants are any indicator –as Facebook just recently took on one of the largest solar projects in the nation – then the future looks bright.

And if you’d like to join Judy by forging your path of innovation for your home through solar power, you can find out more why now is the best time to go solar. Bright Planet Consulting is here to help you join thousands of Californians in the clean energy movement, so get started by exploring your savings or scheduling a free consultation below.

(This news was also published here on Solar Power World.)

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