If we learned anything from the unpredictably cold weather and power shut-down of Texas in February of 2021, it’s this: living off the grid (or mostly off the grid) can potentially save your life!

No one could’ve predicted the storm of the century to hit — and to hit Texas, of all places. But with most cities and neighborhoods in Texas still dependent on the grid for all of their electrical needs, we now know how devastating it can be when an entire grid collapses.

The collapse of their grid probably makes Texas the next solar hotspot! And for good reason. The folks there never want to have to deal with the devastating losses, and lack of quality of life, all because of a failing power grid.

California can take a huge lesson from this:

1. Never assume we know our weather well enough to expect the worst. 

2. Solar would’ve saved countless families time, aggravation, money, and loss.

If you’re thinking of going solar, now is the time to do it. Texas is going to be slammed with folks wanting solar. But to add insult to injury for us Californians, plenty of battery companies are moving out of state (or already have) to Texas. 

While the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Texas, as well as for the battery companies moving, it’s not good timing for us.

Here’s what you need to know.


If a homeowner is truly serious about adding a battery back up to their solar system, they need to act quickly as many resources are being diverted to Texas permanently. It could soon be a 12 to 18-month wait for home batteries. So, if you think you’re interested in solar, know that having a battery pack is another aspect to optimal solar efficiency and peace of mind — and know that it’s something that could take years to get in the future if you don’t act now.


A battery pack is a way to store the solar energy you don’t immediately use off of your solar panels. While adding batteries to your solar plan is another expense, it is an expense worth every penny knowing you have a way to generate electricity, to run your home if the grid fails, just like it did for Texas. It’s like having a generator. It’s a source of energy that’s there if you need it, and it keeps your mind at ease knowing that if the worst happens, you have a way to control the electricity to your own home.


We saw the chaos in texas. We know that battery plants are moving to Texas. If you’re interested in adding battery life to your solar system, now is the time to do it! While supplies are still here, and available, there has never been a better time — or reason — to invest in solar backup batteries for your solar system.

Don’t get caught in the cold or heat! And don’t rely on the grid for your peace of mind. If you’re interested in taking your electrical power into your own hands, I’d love to talk to you about the perfect solar plan for you and your home, or your business. Visit Bright Planet Consulting for more information or give me a call, (408) 357-2733.

With solar, you are investing in and creating your future…and that’s a bright future worth pursuing.

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