As if the recent power shutoffs by PG&E Electric company weren’t enough, PG&E electric rates are set to go up again coming up in the very near future. This rate increase could raise your monthly electric bill by an extra $9 a month effective January 1st 2020.  

Wait a minute, you ask? Didn’t PG&E just raise its rates already at the beginning of this month? Yep, you’ve got that right. This projected PG&E electric rate increase follows a recent hike of 2.6%, which began on October 1st and raised Californians electric bills by an average of $3.07.  

In thinking about the recent power shutoffs, the instability is unsettling. In just a few weeks, over 700,000 Californians in 34 counties lost access to their power. Maybe you were even one of the Californians yourself who were affected! And get this, already this week, PG&E has announced that they could shut power off – again – to 500,000 people for up to two days due to the threats of wildfires.  

What the Future Holds

It seems that this type of power instability could become the norm from now on. In fact, due to unstable weather conditions and natural disasters, experts believe that these occurrences will continue to happen over the next few years. Additionally, PG&E continues to drag its feet on much needed maintenance and upgrades to its grid equipment.  

First off, PG&E is held liable for billions of dollars in damage due its faulty equipment as the cause of Campfire, California’s recent and most deadliest wildfire. And now, PG&E just recently admitted to getting only 31% of the work done to its tree-trimming plan outlined for 2019, an issue that needs necessary action in order to prevent further outages and wildfires sparking.  

Combining the power shutoffs with rate increases and frequent natural disasters, you’ve got to wonder what the future holds for you regarding the measure of control you have over your own power. You’ve got to ask yourself if you want to be beholden to PG&E’s electric rates forever, which undergo an “annual tune-up” year after year – (or regulatory speak for a filing that PG&E submits to regulators in order to justify its rate increases to cover the cost of their services.)  

Say Goodbye to Rising PG&E Electric Rates Forever

If you’re like other Californians, you don’t want to keep paying more and more money for your power – especially if you receive less of it!  

The good news is you can take control of your residential power through alternative means – specifically solar power.

In the wake of the recent shutoffs this month, many Californians turned to their home’s solar energy system to keep the lights on and their refrigerator running. And you can too, if you’re ever faced with power shutoffs to your home that are more than likely to keep coming to California. (Judging from PG&E’s current track record – the chances are high.)

Safeguard Your Future and Save

With the future of California’s electrical infrastructure uncertain due to outdated equipment and increasing risk of wildfire, you’ll want to safeguard your future by taking control over access to your home’s power. Not only will you safeguard your access to power during scheduled blackouts, but you’ll also free yourself from being under the thumb of corporate power companies like PG&E and their unexpected and ever-continuous rate increases.

There’s so much evidence out there that alternative energy and solar panels is the direction California should be moving in to solve the wildfire and blackout problems and alleviate the burden off of homeowners. Not to mention, average savings with a home solar system is over $1,000 a year!

And to get the most efficient solar system for your home that will save you money in the long run, you’ll want to go with a solar consultant you can trust. With over 1,000 San Francisco Bay Area costumers served, Bright Planet Consulting offers you expert solar consulting services focused on education, customization, and 20 years free maintenance!

Make an appointment to talk to our main solar consultant today. You’ll get the ball rolling to safeguard yourself from future PG&E electric rates and power shutoffs and be on your way to saving in the new year 2020 and for decades to come.

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