Maybe you’re in the market for solar panels. And with the research you’ve done, you can see plenty of talk for both sides of the solar investment argument. Are you wondering if solar panels are right for you? 

Let me go over some of the reasons why solar panels are worth the investment and why you should think about adding them to your home.

Your energy bills are too high.

If you live in California, I probably don’t have to ask you twice if your energy bills are too high. With the latest rate hike from PG&E, there’s little left to question. Your electric bill will continue to go up every year, without any rate hike end in sight. If you’re tired of being at the energy company’s beck and call, solar will put you in control. With solar panels, you’re essentially putting the power plant on your property. And with the power in your hands, you can make smarter decisions, resulting in more eco-friendly results.

The latest incentives make solar panels affordable.

While the up-front cost of solar panels may seem expensive, you have to think about what you’re gaining from it. You’re gaining freedom, you’re gaining a way to create energy without the help from the power company, and you’re promoting a green footprint. The best part is solar has proven to be one of the best home improvement projects that will pay for itself in a matter of years. The incentives include a generous 26% Federal Investment Tax credit. As a leading funding operation, we can help you apply for clean energy grant money available with the solar stimulus program we offer. 

Getting solar now makes more sense than ever before. Not to mention, Bright Planet Consulting offers several payment options from cash, a $0 down subscription program, or 0.99% financing with no out-of-pocket expenses. With all of these options, you will save money and recoup your investment in roughly six years or less. 

You live in a sunny state.

Okay, so this is a little comical to say, but stating the obvious is another reason to go solar! With roughly two to three hundred days of sun per year in California (varying per county), you will rarely have to deal with cloudy days. And if you do, there’s still a great deal of sun that still shines through, powering your panels. With sunshine in high volume, your panels remain efficient and are almost always creating energy. And with solar battery packs, you have a safety net, a backup energy source in case of an emergency. 

California is one of the sunniest states in the nation. It’s why solar is so popular here, why it makes the panels one of your best investments, and why you should seriously consider adding solar panels for your home or business. 

While there is a start-up cost to bring solar panels to your dwelling, that’s standard with any new appliance in your home! If you want an energy-efficient refrigerator, you have to purchase that refrigerator to see the energy savings later. The same is true for solar panels but at a higher purchase rate.

If you’re thinking about solar panels and want more information, call me today to get a free consultation or go over the plans and promotions that will fit your home or business. Visit my website for more information, or call me right now, (408) 357-2733 and let’s see how much solar stimulus money you can get!

I look forward to going over all of the fantastic features of adding solar energy to your home or business.

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