Have you ever wondered how a particular business got started? Or maybe you wonder why certain people decide to start their own business? Among the top reasons entrepreneurs choose to start a business is that they want to make a difference and help people. Those were among my main reasons for founding Bright Planet Consulting in 2016.

How does solar energy benefit the environment?

I wasn’t always passionate about solar system for home. I grew up in Wyoming, a huge coal, oil, and natural gas state. I saw towering smokestacks and billows of smoke outside my neighborhood every day and accepted them as part of life. I didn’t understand the kind of damage happening to the planet. I didn’t know that those factories represented a national and worldwide dependence on fossil fuels. I finally discovered the truth about fossil fuels and the benefits of solar energy. I realized that I wanted to help stop further damage to my nation and world. I also wanted to help other people experience the same benefits of choosing solar panels for homes over traditional electricity.

Regarding the cost of solar energy industry in 2016, I knew that many people were declining solar energy because the system was too expensive. It didn’t seem right or fair that clean, renewable solar energy should be inaccessible simply because of price. My main goal for my business was to make renewable energy accessible AND affordable for everyone. You shouldn’t remain chained to the power grid and increasingly higher rates each year because an investment in solar energy is not in your family budget.

What are my other motivations for starting Bright Planet Consulting? I am passionate about solar power and educating others on the importance of choosing renewable energy. I want to help protect the environment and this planet from further harm caused by fossil fuels. I am also passionate about providing customers with a positive experience – from excellent customer service to a perfect installation. Many solar companies try to cut corners throughout the process; this is not acceptable at my company.

At Bright Planet Consulting, we want to ensure that every person who comes to us receives all the information and educational materials they need to make a thorough, knowledgeable decision. We also want to provide the best value possible for homeowners. Solar energy is an investment that is proven to increase property values, so everything must be correctly installed and functioning. We want you to have the best solar panels and the best solar energy systems that will last for years!

You now know why I founded Bright Planet Consulting and what makes me passionate about the solar energy industry. With Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) consistently raising its rates every few months, switching to solar energy is becoming more and more beneficial. Why throw money away to an unreliable power system when you can invest in your home and your planet every day?

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